Teatro Comunale di Bologna 2017-18 Review – Don Carlo

Teatro Comunale di Bologna 2017-18 Review – Don Carlo Like this

Veronica Simeoni in the role of Princess Eboli produced a truly fabulous performance. Dressed as a platinum blond vamp, reminiscent of a 1920s silent film star, she acted out the part with real zest. In the well-known “Veil song” from Act one in which she displayed her wonderful crystal clear coloratura, trills, and delightful embellishments was, in fact, outdone by her Act three aria “O don fatale, o don crudel,” in which she rails against the curse of her own beauty, and accepts life in a convent. Simeoni clearly portrayed Eboli’s anguish: each line beautifully phrased, her words intoned with wonderful clarity and gracefully ornamented, her upper register shining brightly, and once again exhibiting her fine coloratura. It was a gripping and forceful vocal performance, underpinned by excellent acting.

Alan Neilsonoperawire.com